I would like to hear from programmers, web developers, graphics artists, soundtrackers,

 network engineers, software engineers, game programmers, videographers, or anyone who

 has an interest in helping to start a software company centered around mobile apps

 and games for tablets, phones, laptops, and game devices. The idea is to start an

 independant development company and marketing company and also market through the phone

 store websites. Distribution would be partally through our own web sites as well as the

 traditional web distribution agencies. Also needed are people who know the business aspects

 of software marketing: financial consultants, bookkeepers, public relations people,

 procurement officers, salesmen, demographers, etc.


 The phone/tablet and gamebox software industry has advantages that no other market in

 history has shown. First of all this demographic numbers in the billions compared to

 the computer sofware market just a decade ago which was mere millions of people and

 was considered the biggest in history, outdoing the video market. Secondly the software

 business has low startup overhead costs, because the product is intellectual property

 that needs no manufacturing resource except some computers which everyone already has,

 and because distribution is basically free on the web, and the phone stores do it for you

 at low cost; no need for trucks, planes, parcel mail, etc. that a physical product needs.

 Thirdly the phone app distributers do the advertising for you as part of the distribution

 contract. The profits could even be increased with the application of broad marketing with

 additional video production and web services.


 If you would be interested in working or investing in this venture contact me at the email

 address below or at Thanks.

 Help develope Web and Phone Apps! Email Negatronics at ''