About Adobe® Flash Player

 The Flash Settings menu may help solve some issues...

 Problems with Flash Player and your system configuration or your hardware configuration can very often be quickly resolved by

 right-clicking or (option click on Macs) to access the Flash Context Menu. Select 'Settings' to open a small window that allows

 you to 'enable hardware acceleration', choose 'camera or microphone/audio sources', control 'security access' of those devices,

 as well as give permission and control the amount of 'local storage memory' that Flash can use. The menu also has other options

 concerning playback and display

 Flash works in some browsers and not in others...

 Problems with Flash Player in Firefox, Safari and Chrome are varied. Mozilla doesn't seem to like any networking or FTP

 at all though it plays some non-invasive stuff. Safari comes and goes on issues but may work, I just haven't tested it much.

 Chrome is basically a mobile browser like Opera. Chrome works on most issues but doesn't do fullscreen operations very well.

 Your just going to have to experiment with whatever browser you have and adjust the plugin settings and all. Update 'java'

 and your browser as much as you can and seek online help from Abobe and your browser manufacturer. Sometimes, simply

 switching the browser to a different one can solve the problem. Good luck!

 Update 2017: Some mobile systems say they don't support Flash...

 However, on some Android phones all that is needed is a special browser like Puffin, Photon Browser, or Dolphin and some third

 party apps like SWF Player and FLV Video Player. iPhones seem to dispense with Flash altogether, can't help you there.


Some pages require 'Adobe® Flash Player' version 10 or greater.

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