The purpose of these web pages is to provide a repository
 of some experimental javascript code based on the open
 source libraries of MrDoob and his colleagues
 at This example code is an attempt to create
 a first-person game-engine user interface with some basic
 physics and touch screen interaction, primarily for the
 Android mobile devices and Windows laptops. Debugging
 keyboard code is included. [see Info page] These code
 examples are un-edited and have a lot of tutorial comments
 and verbose code that is commented out. They are intended
 to be inter-changeable game templates, so the CSS and
 HTML parameters are the same, the environment and lights
 are the same, motion and scale always the same, etc.

 Flash Apps

 These examples of Flash ActionScript apps in beta stage
 that are intended to inspire developement of code in
 whatever program language you may use (Python, Silver, etc.)
 The first-person worlds are my own 3D render system using
 sprites and quad-mapping techniques as well as my own
 trigonometric camera view derivatives.
 Also there are examples of camera video mapping and audio
 synthesis as well as a Program that 'bumps' graphics to
 the beat of an audio stream.

 Projection Visuals

 Some animated videos that are intended for video projection
 are included on the main page menu as well as on my youtube
 channel. These are freely distributable and usable.
 One of the long term goals of 'Negatronics' is web-video
 and movie production.

 ~More about Developing Games and Apps

 ~Contact: Doctor Negatron